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Organic Power Green Plus - 有机麦绿素
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Organic Power Green Plus - 有机麦绿素

Item: FGA39002

Brand: ( Greenapple - 青萍果 )


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Organic Power Green Plus  有机麦绿素 

·        45X more Vit B2 than Lettuce

·        25X more Potassium than Bananas

·        20X more Vit E than Wheat Flour

·        16X more Vit B1 than Tomato

·        10X more Calcium than Milk

·        8X more Folacin than Spinach

·        7X more Vit C than Orange

·        6X more Magnesium than Wheat Flour

·        5X more Iron than Spinach

·         比生菜多 45的维生素B2

·         比香蕉多25的钾元素

·         比小麦面粉多20维生素E

·         比番茄多16的维生素B1

·         比牛奶多10钙质

·         比菠菜多8的叶酸

·         比橙多7维生素C

·         比小麦面粉多6镁元素

·         比菠菜多5的铁质


Suitable for those who  适合服用的人:

·       often sleep late 经常熬夜或迟睡

·       suffering from migraine, bad temper, acne & pigmentation 患偏头痛,脾气不好,痤疮和色素沉着

·       has high cholesterol & high triglycerides


·       work under stress & have hectic live


·      smoke & drink frequently 常抽烟和喝酒

·      has acidic body, suffering from fatigue & uric acid酸性体质,疲劳和尿酸

·      suitable for vegetarian 适合素食者服食

Ingredients 成分:

1. Organic Wheat Grass 有机小麦苗

Rich in chlorophyll, protein, vitamins, minerals and bioflavones. 



2. Organic Barley Grass 有机大麦苗

Rich in biological active substances such as SOD (superoxide dismutase) which has strong effects on enhancing immunity, anti-aging, anti-fatigue and promotes microcirculation.



3. Organic Buckwheat Grass 有机荞麦苗

Scientific researches shown that the total content of flavine chemical compounds in buckwheat grass such as rutin, linoleic acid, fiber, quercetin, SOD, buckwheatlitol and some microelements like Mg, Se, Cr have the best effects on reducing high blood pressure, high blood lipids and high blood sugar.

科学证明荞麦苗含有丰富的生物碱如芸香苷、亚麻酸、纤维、栎精、SOD 、荞麦醇及重要的微量元素如镁、硒、铬等能有效的降低血压、血脂和血糖。


4. Organic Oat Grass 有机燕麦苗

Rich in beta-glucan, SOD enzymes, chlorophyll and a large amount of phytochemical which can help to reduce cholesterol, triglyceride and to balance the pH of our body.



5. Oligosaccharides 果寡糖

Oligosaccharide is the soluble fiber derived from chicory, and is perfect for friendly bacteria growth in our gastrointestinal tract.  It can enhance immunity and prevent internal infections.




Suggestion to use 服食建议

Serving size 一次份量 =4gm;   Serving per container总份量= 62 250gm
Take 2 teaspoons, once or twice daily. Can be added to 200ml of any beverage.
Do not use hot water and metal stools to avoid oxidation of enzymes e.g. SOD.

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This product has gained the JAS (Japan), EEC2092/91 (Europe) & NOP (USA) certificate

这产品已获得JAS (Japan), EEC2092/91 (Europe) & NOP (USA)证书




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