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Strobilanthes Crispus+Clinacanthus Nutans Healthy Tea  黑面将军+优遁草
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Strobilanthes Crispus+Clinacanthus Nutans Healthy Tea 黑面将军+优遁草

Item: YPL23004

Brand: ( YPL - 益宝灵 )


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Strobilanthes Crispus (Pecah Beling) + Clinacanthus Nutans (D.Belalai Gajah) Healthy Tea    



Scientific Name  学名:


Strobilanthes Crispus


Common Name  俗名:


Yellow Strobilanthus  破石草


Other Name  别名:


Pecah Batu, Kecing Batu  直立黑面将军


Plant Part Used  用部:




Usage  主治:


Cough relief, kidney stone, gallstone, bladder stone, anti-cancer

舒缓咳嗽 (因肺热引起之咳嗽)、肾石、胆石、膀胱石、抗癌

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Scientific Name  学名:


Clinacanthus nutans (Burm.t.) Lindau


Common Name  俗名:


Drooping Clinacanthus  鳄咀花


Other Name  别名:


Daun Belalai Gajah, Tarum Siam, Pokok Mulut Buaya  优遁草、百草王、蛇药、青剑


Plant Part Used  用部:


Whole Plant  全草 


Usage  主治:


Pain due to pyretic, hepatitis, jaundice, bones fracture, anti-cancer, febrifuge, antidote




Quantity per Package  每包装的数量:20 tea bags茶袋  x  3 gm


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