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Multiflori Root Powder - 何首乌粉
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Multiflori Root Powder - 何首乌粉

Item: FGA39009

Brand: ( Greenapple - 青萍果 )


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Multiflori Root Powder 何首乌



Ingredient 成分:
Radix Polygoni Multiflori  制首乌



Health Benefits of Multiflori Root Powder
·      Nourishes the blood, nurture hair, strengthen liver and kidney, promote bowel movement and prevent constipation and resolve sore toxin.
·      For blood-deficiency syndrome accompanied by sallow complexion, dizziness and premature hair loss or gray hair.
·      For dysfunction of liver and kidney syndrome manifested as backaches and weak knees.
·      Contains of lecithin which helps to reduce blood cholesterol, soften blood vessels, prevent coronary heart disease and also enhance the function of nervous system.
含卵磷脂,可助于降低胆固醇、软化血管、防止冠状动脉硬化性心脏病和 强化神经作用。
Suggestion to use 服食建议
Consume 6g – 10g per day. Can be consumed directly or added or mix with favorite beverages. Best to be taken with black bean powder and black sesame powder.
每日服用6g 10g. 可自接服用加入饮料中。混合黑豆粉和黑芝麻粉一起服用,效果更好。


Net Weight 净重 / Bottle : 220 gm


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