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Organic Brewer's Yeast Soy Powder (Sugar Free) - 有机啤酒酵母豆奶 (无糖)
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Organic Brewer's Yeast Soy Powder (Sugar Free) - 有机啤酒酵母豆奶 (无糖)

Item: FGB68004

Brand: ( Fitwell )


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Organic Brewer's Yeast Soy Powder (Sugar Free)   有机啤酒酵母豆奶 (无糖)

Fitwell organic brewer’s yeast soy drink combines the active brewer’s yeast and natural soy milk that has the goodness of calcium, protein and Vitamin B complex. These nutritional values making it a perfect health food for a balanced diet and does not cause obesity, most suitable for the modern working population who face tension constantly. Brewer's yeast is a natural source of Vitamin B complex. It contains wide range of vitamin and minerals, as well as essential amino acids, which contribute to a good source of complete protein. In addition, it has been claimed to be an excellent nutritional supplement, wheares brewer's yeast is playing a role in regulating blood sugar levels, improve skin health, supply enerby and lower cholesterol level.

Ingredients: Organic Soybean Powder, Brewer’s Yeast Powder, Crystal Sugar, FOS

Weight: 700 gm / can

Nutrition Information 营养成分

per serving (25g)

per 100g

Energy 热量

83  kcal

331 kcal

Carbohydrate 碳水化合物

14.66 g

58.65 g

Dietary Fiber 膳食纤维

3.65 g

14.58 g

Protein 蛋白质

3.61 g

14.45 g

Fat 脂肪

1.89 g

7.55 g


0 g

0 g

Vitamin B1 维生素B1

48 mcg

190 mcg

Vitamin B6 维生素B6

19 mcg

75 mcg

Vitamin B12  维生素B12

0.005 mcg

0.02 mcg

Niacin B3 维生素B3

288 mcg

1150 mcg


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