Spine Rest Bolster - 整脊颈腰枕

Brand: Eleno
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Eleno  Spine Rest Bolster ????? 



Do you have the following symptoms??????????


Spine Rest Bolster can helps to prevent and relieve the above symptoms?




Eleno Spine Rest Bolster is designed especially for people with back and spinal pain. It can be placed behind the neck, lower back, under the knees or use as a foot rest.



Eleno ???????????????????????????????????????????????? 

Pillow Size ???? : (47 x 15.5 x 9.5) cm



Advantages of using Eleno Spine Rest Bolster :

?Eleno ?????????

Reinstate spine curvature


Relieve spine pressure


Relax back muscles


Improve blood circulation


Relieve back pain, and provides comfortable support 



Magnet particles were placed in the cover of bolster to strengthen its benefit.






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