Activated Chinese Wild Yam Powder - 活性山药粉

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Activated Chinese Wild Yam Powder ?????


Ingredient ??:

100% Natural Chinese Wild Yam Powder ????? 



  • No added sugar ??? 
  • No Seasoning ???
  • No Bleaching ???
  • No Colouring ???
  • Sulfur Free ???
  • Pollution Free ???


Greenapple’s Activated Chinese Wild Yam Powder is the extract of selected Henan Chinese wild yam and processed by vacuum dehydration treatment. The activated nutrients of Chinese wild yam are retained while its original aromatic flavor is maintained.



Chinese wild yam has characteristics of sweet and neutral, suitable for all body types. Chinese wild yam plays a major role in the spleen, lung and kidney.



a)     Nourish spleen and stomach ????:

Chinese wild yam can help to strengthen the spleen, improve the body absorption and utilization on nutrients, and improve immune function. It is suitable for those people who have no appetite accompanied by fatigue, thin and has yellowish complexion, or has edema or puffiness.



b)     Nourish lung and Qi ????:

Chinese wild yam is beneficial for the children and elderly people who have chronic cough due to their weak body type.



c)     Nourish kidney ????:

Usually for frequent urination caused by kidney problem and leucorrhea for women. It is also a good nutrient for diabetic.



Recent researches shown that choline, allantoin, arginine and amylase (enzyme) are abundant in the Chinese wild yam which are beneficial for our health. It is also rich in plant hormones that slow down the aging process due to menopause. 



Net Weight ??/ Bottle ?: 180 gm ?


Suggestion to use ????: 

Take 3g each time, 2-3 times daily. Can be added into soup, porridge, oat milk or other drinks as you like.


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