Foot Massage Carpet - 梅花桩足底按摩走毯

Brand: KZ - 康祝
Product SKU: HST38015
Size (length*width*height): 61cm x 13cm x 22cm
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Price: RM139.00

???????????  Kang-Zhu Foot Massage Carpet



This product is specially designed with plum flower shape massage points. The contact size and height of each massage point as well as the spacing of those points are precisely suit the physiological characteristics of human feet to generate an effective reflexology massage.

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Recommend to take a daily 10-20 minutes’ walk on the foot massage carpet to stimulate the reflex points on the feet that correspond to different body organs and systems. This exercise can dredge the meridians in the body and improve blood circulation which generates beneficial effect on a person's health.



???? Simple to use



1. ????  - ???????????????????

LEISURE & FITNESS - Relaxing walk on the carpet.


2.???? - ?????????????????????????

HEALTH THERAPY - Focused massage on the point of pain while walking on the carpet. 


3.???? - ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

MERIDIAN STIMULATION OF WHOLE BODY - Walking on the carpet with clapping hands or gently tapping the arms, chest, abdomen, back and other parts of the body to stimulate body meridians and energy pathways throughout the body.



????  Convenience to use

  • ?????? Suitable to use indoor
  • ??????????????? Do not have space, whether & time constraints for exercise
  • ?????????? Can be easily folded after use



???? Carpet surface material ?100% ??nylon + ?? coating

??? Massage points material ????? polypropylene

???? Carpet size : 170? x 60?  



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