Vacuum Cupping Set | 真空拔罐器

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KZ Vacuum Cupping Set | ?????


KZ Cupping Set (12 jars)   ?????(12?)


Cupping therapy is now using either heat or suction vacuum method to stimulate the treated area?inducing minor blood congestion owing to ruptured capillary blood vessels of the shallow tissues under the skin. This action is causing the expansion of blood vessels, promoting blood circulation and enhancing metabolism at the treated area.


When the blood circulation improved at treated area, inflammatory exudates and other pain-causing factors can be rapidly taken away, and therefore reducing swelling and pain.


Through cupping therapy, the 5-hydroxytryptamine neurotransmitter serotonin is released. The generated neurohumoral mechanisms could stimulate the body's functions and effectively mobilizing the immune system, and thus are good at treating allergic diseases and persistent low-grade fever that caused by immune dysfunction.


Nowadays, the plastic cupping sets have become more popular in use due to convenient, simple, saver and more suitable for home use.









The effects of Cupping Therapy ??????

Pain relief ???? 

Get rid of cold and dampness ????

Improve blood circulation and eliminate blood clot ????

Activate the acupuncture point and meridian system ????

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