Multiflori Root Powder - 何首乌粉

Brand: Greenapple - 青萍果
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Multiflori Root Powder ????



Ingredient ??:

Radix Polygoni Multiflori  ???



Health Benefits of Multiflori Root Powder?



·      Nourishes the blood, nurture hair, strengthen liver and kidney, promote bowel movement and prevent constipation and resolve sore toxin.



·      For blood-deficiency syndrome accompanied by sallow complexion, dizziness and premature hair loss or gray hair.



·      For dysfunction of liver and kidney syndrome manifested as backaches and weak knees.



·      Contains of lecithin which helps to reduce blood cholesterol, soften blood vessels, prevent coronary heart disease and also enhance the function of nervous system.

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Suggestion to use ????

Consume 6g – 10g per day. Can be consumed directly or added or mix with favorite beverages. Best to be taken with black bean powder and black sesame powder.


????6g ? 10g. ????????????????????????????????


Net Weight ?? / Bottle ? : 220 gm ?


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